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The Design Process

Step 1: Schematic Design Phase

Design drawings are prepared based on functional requirements, budget objectives and the building site. We define the concept scale, character and relationship of project elements for approval of the client. 

Typical Time: 2 Weeks

10% Completion of Design 

Step 2: Design Development Phase

Based on approved architectural schematics, building materials, the architectural design is further refined to integrate support systems and detailed client requirements.

Typical Time: 4 Weeks

20% Completion of Design 

Step 3: Construction Prep Phase

Detailed working drawings & specifications are prepared for building construction and site development purposes. Construction contracts are prepared and reviewed with clients along with the necessary jurisdictional approvals.

Typical Time: 6 Weeks

35% Completion of Design 

Step 4: Bidding & Building Phase

Typical Time: 25 Weeks

90% Completion of Design 


The client is assisted and represented in obtaining bids or negotiated proposals, evaluation of contract proposals and awarding of contracts and preparation of specific construction requirements at the request of the client. We monitor on site progress.

Step 5: Finalization Phase

The construction progress of the project is reviewed for compliance with specifications. Samples are reviewed, material colors selected and coordinated, and requested changes are integrated into the project.

Typical Time: 4 Weeks

100% Completion of Design 


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